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Fresh Start Monday, Dec. 14th – Last week before the Christmas break; and it's a busy one! 

Hey all you beautiful people!

I hope you have a wonderful start to this week! We're taking a break and spending Christmas and the start of the new year with our families, so the next Fresh Start Mondays blog will be out on January 11th. So I'll gather everything between now and then in a neat little package for you!

MONDAY, Dec. 14th

  • these lines you're just reading. How awesome of you, thanks!

TUESDAY, Dec. 15th

  • CWAA LIVE album session "Writing Bass Lines" on Youtube. On at 9.00 Finnish time…
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Fresh Start Monday, Dec. 7th 2020 – Oops... I guess that happened! 

Okay... So let me just start off this Monday by admitting how completely I was able to outfox myself: Last Monday morning I was ABSOLUTELY NOT planning to be announcing a new album on Friday and even less so streaming the first songwriting session live on Youtube! What the hell, Jon?!? 

On Tuesday I played the hitherto last "Songs on Tuesday" Facebook livestream. Last, because Facebook apparently decided to not share me going live with our page followers (almost) at all. And then I realized I'd had enough…

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I'm making a new album inspired by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek – here's the weird story behind it 

Okay. So, a few weeks ago I noticed a headline on ”Is Spotify’s Discovery Mode just asking acts to work for ’exposure’?” (Highly recommended read, by the way!) Now obviously for a small indie band like ours Discovery Mode immediately sounded intriguing. Maybe this was a great opportunity to get our music in front of new people? I don’t mind putting in the work as long as there’s a reward I’m happy with at the end of it, right? Instead, after reading the article I just lost it. I’d completely had…

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