From Finland – a country that allegedly holds more metal bands than park rangers are able to rescue from their gothic photoshoots in the hinterlands, and where disoriented polar bears roam downtown shopping centres (again, allegedly) – hails the unlikeliest of bands combining what’s best about British and American songwriters like Elliott Smith or Noel Gallagher. They’ve even released a song called ”(I Only Ever Listen To) Oasis” in case you were wondering… 

The unlikeliness doesn’t end there either. Singer-songwriter Jon Eden and his band hail from Helsinki, Finland but his roots also put him in Hamburg, Germany thus planting him somewhere in the Baltic Sea in compromise – hence the name of the band. Somewhere along the way he also picked up some laudable songwriting skills. ”Our expectations for their debut full-length album were pretty high, and they blew them out of the water. This is one of the best international bands we have ever heard.” Said Bob Leggett of Los Angeles Music Critic fame in his January 2019 review of The Fisherman & The Sea’s debut LP ”The Hurt & The Humour”. The mixture of poppy hooks, big choruses and a constant, underlying grunge-y danger, even managed to sway the normally reserved Finnish music press towards their folk-infused indierock. ”A very strong debut album promising a shiny future” swooned Mika Roth of in his review. 

So after picking up gongs for Best Album by an International Artist for their debut LP and Best EP by an International Artist for ”I Can’t Alone” at the LA Music Critic Awards in 2019 and 2018 as well as a final round slot for their debut single ”Beggar Princess” at the International Acoustic Music Awards’ Best Alternative/AAA song category, the band started work on their second album in late 2019. 

The Corona pandemic in the sping of 2020 saw singer-songwriter Jon Eden release a surprise EP called ”Songs from Tuesday” to members of the band’s e-mail list in April. Written on the same day, Tuesday December 18th 2018 (hence the name), in the space of a 45 minute break from work, the songs also appear on this EP in the exact order they were written in. 

On September 18th 2020 the band are doing something highly unusual if not making history altogether by releasing single ”The Burglars Are Back In Town” from ”Songs from Tuesday”. Anyone buying the track can get a personalized version of the track with their names added to the lyrics – a feat no ”big” band would be able to pull off as they don’t own all the rights and production stages (recording, mixing, mastering) of their record. All of the single’s and the ”Songs from Tuesday” EP’s proceeds will go towards financing the recording of The Fisherman & The Sea’s yet untitled second album.


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The Fisherman & The Sea LIVE @ Semifinal. ©Nani Annette

The Fisherman & The Sea LIVE @ Semifinal. ©Nani Annette