"Botify the People" explained, pt. 4 – Conversations with an Algorithm

Conversations with an Algorithm is actually what the album was meant to be called before I came up with the term ”botify” (only to later learn I wasn’t the first one at all). This is the second track on the album and I really couldn’t decide whether to release this or ”Scream into the Void” as the second single. I decided against this one for no particular reason. 

This song is about the loneliness social media can make you feel instead of the opposite it’s supposed to be doing. ”All night wide awake in bed, letting the world into my head” is still one of my favourite lines on the whole record. I also love the title of the song. It’s not as direct in its criticism of social media as ”Scream into the Void” but in its more metaphorical imagery I personally think it describes the weird paradoxical loneliness you can easily start to feel when suddenly having access to the whole world via social media. 

Conversations with an Algorithm was the second to last song written for the album and the only one actually written on a baritone electric guitar instead of an acoustic. I’m funnily enough writing this blog entry in the same chair I remember sitting in when coming up with the main riff. 

I don’t think I need to reference any article concerning this song’s theme. You all know what loneliness on social media feels like. 

Peace & Love, 


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