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"They have created some of the best indie rock music from the international community, and are a shining beacon to the rest of their community that America is listening, and is ready for them to make a solid attack on our American radio scene." – Bob Leggett, LA Music Critic

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The Fisherman & The Sea @ The Fisherman & The Sea + AleksiKaufmann

The Fisherman & The Sea + AleksiKaufmann, Hki

BAM! This is the big one. This is the real deal. This is what you've all been waiting for. We're celebrating the release of our debut album 'The Hurt & The Humour' with our full five-piece band for the first time. The Sea is going to rock and roar like you've never heard before! Absolutely and completely unmissable!

AleksiKaufmann will be opening the night at 9pm with his silky voice oozing such pure soul and his songs so profoundly meaningful they will take you to a place you will never ever want to return from.

We take the stage at 10pm and play through the album (and more, if you like...!) with such an earth-shatteringly huge sound (that doesn't mean we're extremely loud, we just sound BIG all of a sudden) you will leave the event a changed person.

AND! Because we're feeling so much like celebrating we're giving everyone with an ADVANCE TICKET a discount of 5€ on every item on our merch table! And that offer is only valid this night! So you can get the album for 10€ instead of 15€, any one of our 3 EPs for FREE and our t-shirts for 15€ and 20€ respectively.

Advance tickets 8€ (incl. 5€ discount on all merch items) from
Tickets at the door 9€.

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