"Botify the People" explained, pt. 6 – Plastic

This is the last song that I wrote for the album. I initially thought the power pop aspect to it was a bit much at first, but I hardly had to mix the whole thing – it just magically locked into step. And when something just comes together so naturally you don’t mess with that! I’m pretty sure this song required the least mixing which always speaks for the song itself, in my opinion. 

If there’s a tag line for this album it’s probably ”I wish I was as useful to myself as to machines” which is a line from the second verse of this song. I went as far as to feature that line on the slip tube of the physical album, because I think it so perfectly encapsulates the problem discussed in the album’s storyline. 

It’s funny though, some songs write themselves and this one even mixed itself, so there’s actually not a whole lot I can think of saying about this song, haha. But I have to say there are a lot of reasons why it’s potentially my favourite song on the record. The chorus line ”That’s why I’m turning my inside in now” is an accidentally beautiful way of describing how you’re letting go of social media and stopping over-sharing. On every album there’s that little gem, and I think in this album’s case – at least for me – it’s this song.

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