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A message from Jon

This is in a lot of ways the most special record I have ever done. Believe it or not, all of these songs were written during the same Tuesday afternoon – hence the name – a month before the release of our debut album. December 18th, 2018 that was.

Sometimes magic just hits you like lightning, although I certainly wasn't feeling magical that particular afternoon. On the contrary, I felt depressed, extremely annoyed and completely worn down by work and life in general. Lucky for me, I found myself on a break with a guitar nearby. I picked it up and wrote all of these songs in the space of 45 minutes. Not all of the lyrics, mind you – I'm not a savant! – but all of the chords, melodies and lyrical ideas were suddenly there.

Now when I started recording these songs I decided to put them on this EP in the exact same order I wrote them because I realized that together they painted a story. These songs depict a journey from a place of depression and hopelessness to finding a new source of strength within oneself and even joining a revolution to overthrow systemical social inequality in the end!

My hope is that you find the journey on this EP inspiring, and maybe the brash optimism of the last two songs will even put a smile on your face.

Thanks for being here with me and the guys.
Peace & Love,


What you get for buying this record, in support of us recording our second album, is nothing short of amazing, we'd like to think!

Pictured here is the inner sleeve of the record. Jon will personally add your name and your copy number to every copy of this 100 piece limited edition, making every single copy unique and customized towards you.

But that's not all! In addition to the physical copy you will receive a download for the songs and – this is the real catch now! – a personalized version of closing track "The Burglars Are Back In Town" with your name added to the song lyrics! How about a song actually featuring YOU in the lyrics?!

Downloads will start shipping on April 17th and the physical copies at the beginning of May!

Songs From Tuesday

The Fisherman & The Sea

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A 100 copy limited edition EP to help us raise money to continue the recording of our second album during the financial backlash caused by the Corona virus. It comes with an ultra-sweet digipack packaging and a smooth matte finish. Every copy will be numbered and includes your name as a thank you. And if that weren't enough, you will receive the track "The Burglars Are Back In Town" including your name or customized 5-7 syllable line recorded into the actual song by Jon as a bonus! If we don't hear anything else from you, Jon'll just add your name to the lyrics. Please allow for a couple of days delivery time for the bonus song in case Jon's not near a mic when your order reaches us!

Downloads will begin shipping April 17th and physical copies at the beginning of May!

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Songs from Tuesday

01. Follow Your Love To The Letter
02. Lost In Spaces
03. Take Me Back To The Lovely Side
04. I Like Everything That Gets Me Out Of Bed Today
05. The Burglars Are Back In Town

Written, performed and mixed by Jon, The Fisherman, at the Tar Shack in March-April 2020.