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4th track on the 'Stuck With A Rhyme' EP. Written, performed, recorded and mixed by The Fisherman at home. Final mix by Matti Suvela and The Fisherman.


Dancing With Daisies

I’ve been laying down so long
The only feeling’s in my bones
My eyes have sunk into my skull
But hey, tomorrow’s the day I get

Paid for all my services
I have done my worst to ditch
I am like an altar boy
Sweet, humble and destroyed

Church, yeah that’s where I got to go
Those priests they have got know
How to escape that impending doom
I call my nine to five
A time-traveled suicide
And I’m dancing with daisies

Oh my world you’ve grown so small
Everybody’s in on it all
There is no song and no parade
Just a life, two thirds gone all the time

Scientists, they gotta make sense of this
They’ll know how to handle this rift in my continuum
But wait, what if I’m alien?
Would that go towards explaning things?
Or is that just a backdoor?

I feel fired up
Quite often enough
But subject to change I am
Like any other man

Oh world of great opportunity
When accidentally
Will you exactly be tripping over me?
It’s not like I find myself
With all of my time on Earth
Doing more than dancing with daisies
Dancing with daisies