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Fresh Start Monday, Dec. 7th 2020 – Oops... I guess that happened! 

Okay... So let me just start off this Monday by admitting how completely I was able to outfox myself: Last Monday morning I was ABSOLUTELY NOT planning to be announcing a new album on Friday and even less so streaming the first songwriting session live on Youtube! What the hell, Jon?!? 

On Tuesday I played the hitherto last "Songs on Tuesday" Facebook livestream. Last, because Facebook apparently decided to not share me going live with our page followers (almost) at all. And then I realized I'd had enough…

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Fresh Start Monday, Nov. 30th 2020 – Back live on Tuesday, Rude Questions on Friday and well, just the good news you needed! 

Happy first of the week and last of the month to you!

I hope this week treats you to the kind of rockstar start that you deserve! But if not, let us non-rockstars see if we can't doll your week up a little!

First off, I'm back with my "Songs on Tuesday" Facebook livestream again tomorrow. The Late Edition starts at 18.00 Finnish time but I haven't decided on a theme quite yet although there's several I'm considering (and have been pitched to!) at the moment. Think I'll just go with my gut on the day and…

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Fresh Start Monday, Nov. 23th 2020 – New lyric video, Special Session on Fisherman Friday and this week's good news! 

Hey everyone,

and apologies for not being here for your morning coffee hour! I guess you know those days as well – and those days somehow tend to be Mondays, don't they – when it starts of all wrong and you can throw your timetable out the window almost as soon as you've managed to get out of bed? The world just doesn't wait and neither does it much care, at times, right?

Anyway, I still obviously hope you've had a swimming start to your day and this last week of November! Maybe a bit of music will cheer…

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Fresh Start Monday, Nov. 16th 2020 – New Music for your Spotify from the Fisherman's Trawl + live(s) and good news 

Top of this Monday Morning to you!

I hope this day finds you at least a little motivated to get you into the weekly grind again, but in case you need a little pick-me-up here's a Spotify playlist I've combined for you especially to start off your day with a little more spark in your step:

I've called it the Fisherman's Trawl and it holds absolutely awesome music, most of which I suppose you mightn't've heard about yet, but that will immediately…

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Fresh Start Monday, Nov. 9th 2020 – Last Month Tonight on Wednesday & good news from, well, the USA! 

Hey there,

if you're Monday seems to have a little more swing in its' step than per usual, I'd venture the guess you're not completely averse to the shift in power due in the USA in January. It's interesting how this election affected so many people outside of the US as well. Personally I'm more interested in political movements in the US that fly a little under the intercontinental radar, but I have to say I was surprised of the amount of relief I felt in me and in the people around me. Donald Trump's…

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Fresh Start Monday, Nov. 2nd 2020 – New The National cover, Friday night special + green energy is now cheaper than coal! 

Top of the Monday Morning to you!

I know, I know, it's Monday again and why the heck am I already in such a cheerful mood? Shouldn't I be conserving that to at least Friday or something? Well, as always I want to highlight some things that might make your start of the week a little more fun and exciting.

First off, we've got some fresh music out! Or at least it's new on your Spotify, Apple Music and what-have-you's. It's our cover of The National's "Slow Show" and the fact that it's an awesome song made the…

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Fresh Start Monday, October 26th 2020 – It's Education Week (apparently...) + awesome good news from Uganda! 

Okay, so this stare between Tuukka and me from last Friday's "Fisherman Fridays" Youtube session is just one of the MANY reasons it turned out both great and utterly hilarious. Nothing like having a brotha-from-anotha-motha, right? If you didn't catch it during the weekend, here's definitely a half hour's worth of stuff to lighten up your Monday mood! Check it out on Youtube if you need help getting into gear this Monday morn':

Anyway, we hope we can play a small…

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Fresh Start Monday, October 19th 2020 – Playlist live livestream on Tuesday, acoustic gig on Friday and some good news from London 

Hey everyone,

I sincerely hope you catch a great start to your Monday and the week as a whole. To cue you up for the best possible start, here's some remarkably good news from London: "Dramatic plunge in London air pollution since 2016, report finds" the Guardian titled a while back, and it really is astonishing that the City of London have been able to reduce the amount of toxic gases in the city air by 94% (!!!) in just 4 years. A lot remains to be done for sure, but don't let anybody tell you there's…

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A Fresh Start! – This week a live acoustic set on, "From Dream to Song" on Fisherman Friday etc etc etc 

Hey you,

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week, because frankly, you deserve it!

From now on, we're going to post a blog every Monday morning to kick off your week with some fun stuff that we've been up to. If you suffer from the Monday Blues, I hope we can lift your spirits a little – and if you're a Monday person, well, hopefully we can make your Monday even more fun that it already is!

Here's what you can look forward to this week:

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