Fresh Start Monday, October 19th 2020 – Playlist live livestream on Tuesday, acoustic gig on Friday and some good news from London

Hey everyone,

I sincerely hope you catch a great start to your Monday and the week as a whole. To cue you up for the best possible start, here's some remarkably good news from London: "Dramatic plunge in London air pollution since 2016, report finds" the Guardian titled a while back, and it really is astonishing that the City of London have been able to reduce the amount of toxic gases in the city air by 94% (!!!) in just 4 years. A lot remains to be done for sure, but don't let anybody tell you there's nothing that can be done against climate change and the likes. Just wanted to share something uplifting with you to start off your day. As some of you know, I've also been posting these good news on my Twitter account, because there's never such a thing as too many good news – unfortunately they very often get buried under the more "headline-y" bad ones.

While on the topic of good news, last night's (or this morning's, depending on when and where you're reading this) acoustic slot at the massive Banding Together virtual festival on was good news as well, albeit on a much smaller scale. I "phoned" in my set via Skype and also recorded the video for it, so I'll see if I can make that available to you in some shape or form soon. I played a nice little mix of old and new tunes, so stay tuned for that!

And while we're talking acoustic sets, we have a real treat coming your way this #fishermanfriday: During my Facebook livestreams I've been asked to play a bunch of particular songs that I've promised to deliver later, simply because they're meant to be played on two guitars. Now I – or rather we! – are able to make good on that promise when our lead guitarist Tuukka joins me on Friday for a very special session on our Youtube channel! We'll be live again Finnish time 18.17 (counting in Youtube's 2 min countdown...), so that's 8.17am Pacific, 11.17am EDST, 16.17pm UK and 17.17 Central Europe. We're also playing stuff both old and new, so please feel free to tune in if you want to start off your weekend in style! I'll be on the live chat as well, so do hit me up with how you're doing and anything you'd like to share.

If you haven't found the time yet, you can check out last Friday's #fishermanfriday feature called "From Dream to Song" where I detail the unusual creation of a new song called "Agents of the Change" that you might remember as the opening track from our September full band livestream. Take a look here:

I'll be live on our Facebook page again tomorrow, Tuesday with the "Late Edition" at 18.00 Finnish time, so again that's 8.00am Pacific, 11.00am EDST, 16.00pm UK and 17.00 Central Europe. This time around I'm doing a special "Playlist Live" and I'm going to play music from my daughter's (8 years old) Spotify and Youtube playlists. Now that can't be anything else than completely totally hilarious...!

So if the good news on this Monday weren't quite enough to get you into gear for this week, I'm going to do my darndest to get you in a happy place tomorrow!

See you around, everyone!

Peace & Love,

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