Fresh Start Monday, Nov. 9th 2020 – Last Month Tonight on Wednesday & good news from, well, the USA!

Hey there,

if you're Monday seems to have a little more swing in its' step than per usual, I'd venture the guess you're not completely averse to the shift in power due in the USA in January. It's interesting how this election affected so many people outside of the US as well. Personally I'm more interested in political movements in the US that fly a little under the intercontinental radar, but I have to say I was surprised of the amount of relief I felt in me and in the people around me. Donald Trump's bullying and juxtaposition of Americans against one another – and also in his foreign policy with other countries as well, by the way – was definitely a new approach to politics, but although most of us will probably agree that politicians need to be more active in solving problems of the ordinary person, Trump's take on the idea was fueled by basic negativity which is a horrible platform from which to try and build up. I don't want to get into a long political discussion here (but if you'd like to, let me know in the comments, I've absolutely no problem with that!), but I just wanted to express my amazement over the fact even I, in little old Finland, felt a certain kind of weight lifted from my shoulders when the world's biggest bully suddenly lost his vindication.

As for us, I apologize I wasn't able to get our monthly recap (that we've very cleverly dubbed "Last Month Tonight", wink wink...) ready for last Wednesday as I initially promised! The first one is always the hardest and especially if you've got a certain kind of concept in mind that you don't want to compromise on, like I do with this one, the amount of work you have to put into that first outing can be a bit of a surprise. Anyway, all of this is to say: this Wednesday – be prepared! Last Month Tonight is definitely going to hit your eyes and ears on our Youtube channel!

Furthermore, we've obviously got your "weekly Fisherman programming" scheduled for you, so here's a full overview of everything that's going down this week:


  • 07.30 Finnish time: This here lovely blog (21.30 Sunday US Pacific, 0.30 US Eastern, 5.30 UK, 6.30 Central Europe)


  • 14.00 Finnish time: Facebook Live Session: Early Edition – My own favourite cover songs (07.00 US Eastern, 12.00 UK, 13.00 Central Europe)


  • 18.17 Finnish time: Last Month Tonight on Youtube (08.17 US Pacific, 11.17 US Eastern, 16.17 UK, 17.17 C. Europe)


  • 18.17 Finnish time: Beggar Princess EP Playthrough and Reaction with Jon on Youtube (08.17 US Pacific, 11.17 US Eastern, 16.17 UK, 17.17 C. Europe)


That doesn't look too bad for some weekly entertainment, does it? I hope you like it!

Oh, and there's a totally crazy sale going down on our webstore as well, so do check that out! We're cleaning house and so the prices are low as...ummm... the floor...?

And if you missed last Friday's live session between our keyboard player Joel and me, do check it out! It was a riot!

Talk to you again next Monday!

Peace & Love,

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