Fresh Start Monday, Nov. 16th 2020 – New Music for your Spotify from the Fisherman's Trawl + live(s) and good news

Top of this Monday Morning to you!

I hope this day finds you at least a little motivated to get you into the weekly grind again, but in case you need a little pick-me-up here's a Spotify playlist I've combined for you especially to start off your day with a little more spark in your step:

I've called it the Fisherman's Trawl and it holds absolutely awesome music, most of which I suppose you mightn't've heard about yet, but that will immediately restore your faith in humanity, the world, the music business and most importantly, yourself! I'm not kidding! These songs make me so happy to be alive, this playlist is the perfect friend for a grey Monday morning or for any other time you're feeling like you could use a boost of energy to get you through a day at work, a work out, an unending commute or what have you. I hope the FIsherman's Trawl becomes your digital bestie! I'll keep adding music to this playlist regularly and tweaking here and there to try and keep it fresh and running smoothly for your listening pleasure. Yes, I may be a starving musician myself, but I'm a music lover first and foremost and I absolutely believe these bands and artist are worthy of more, but especially YOUR attention!

This week I'm live again twice. First it's the evening shift on our Facebook livestream "Songs on Tuesday" and on Friday I'm playing a special set on "Fisherman Fridays" on Youtube, still shrouded in secrecy. If you can barely handle the excitement, I suggest you join our e-mail newsletter (that goes out on Friday before the show) and thus be in the know. All you have to do is pop on over to the Hub at

07.30 – This here pristine blog!

18.00 – "Songs on Tuesday" Evening Edition on Facebook Live (That's 8am US Pacific, 11am US Eastern, 4pm UK, 5pm Central Europe)

18.17 – "FIsherman Friday" Special Acoustic Set by yours truly on our Youtube Channel


Should you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands, about half an hour that is, then a look at last Friday's Playthrough & Reaction Video to our debut EP "Beggar Princess" may well be worth a watch. Sadly, this time our cat didn't hop into my lap although she was with me in the room again but nonetheless that half hour just flew on by! Here, have a look:

Another fun thing that came out last week was our monthly recap "Last Month Tonight". It's much shorter form and you can check it out here:

And again, last but not least, here's today's Good News – and this time it's actually thanks to covid...! But check it out for yourself. You might now turtles are close to my heart...:

Have a wonderful start to your week and hope to catch you either Tuesday, Friday or...BOTH!

Peace & Love,

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