A Fresh Start! – This week a live acoustic set on BlowUpRadio.com, "From Dream to Song" on Fisherman Friday etc etc etc

Hey you,

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week, because frankly, you deserve it!

From now on, we're going to post a blog every Monday morning to kick off your week with some fun stuff that we've been up to. If you suffer from the Monday Blues, I hope we can lift your spirits a little – and if you're a Monday person, well, hopefully we can make your Monday even more fun that it already is!

Here's what you can look forward to this week:

  • Tuesday: me doing my acoustic livestream on Facebook at 2pm Finnish time, so that's 4am (wow, sorry!) Pacific time, 7am EST, noon in the UK and 1pm in Central Europe.
  • Friday: Fisherman Friday on our Youtube channel again! This time it's a mini documentary called "From Dream to Song" about a song we're recording at the moment. Some of you might even guess from the title which song it is, but let's keep it a secret for now. It's definitely an usual story and though I say so myself, I think the doc is definitely worth a watch. We're premiering it live at 8am Pacific, 11am EST, 4pm UK, 5pm Central Europe and 6pm Finnish time and I'll be live on the chat as usual. So do hit me up with any questions or news about your life that you like! If you want to be notified directly to your e-mail before we go live every Friday, simple write "FF" to jon@neckofthewoodsrecords.com and you'll be notified a few minutes before broadcast!
  • Sunday: another acoustic livestream from me, this time at the mind-bogglingly huge Banding Together festival on BlowUpRadio.com to benefit the Spondylitis Association of America. The festival runs for three days from 11am to 10pm starting Friday. I'll be up Sunday at 12.05pm EST, so that's 9.05 Pacific, 17.05 UK, 18.05 Central Europe and 19.05 Finnish time. If you're listening from outside the US, be sure to click the second link in the top right corner, the first one only works for people inside the US. So thrilled and honoured to have been asked to do this!

In case you missed it:

On last week's Fisherman Friday I had my first listen in three years of our sophomore EP "Stuck With A Rhyme" and was also visited by my cat twice during the broadcast. If you'd like to have a look, you can obviously still do so:

You can also find last week's, and all the previous Facebook Lives on our Facebook Live page here.


We want to take you for a fun ride this year and the next, and we're literally buzzing about all of the stuff we've got planned for you guys but can't quite share yet.

So stay tuned and have a wonderful start to your week!

Peace & Love,

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