Tales From The Road – The best pizza in town

Wow! So that actually WAS the best pizza in town at Linko. At least the best I've had in this lovely hometown of ours. Karza only ranked it amongst his Top5 though. Said the best he's had was somewhere in Ogeli. So I guess I'll have to call that place up and tell 'em we're coming over to play and expect to be paid in pizza.

No, but on a more serious note, not only was the pizza great at Linko, but also Ari who handled everything from booking to mixing the gig did such a great job with the whole set-up that it was truly a pleasure to play for the people there. And there were a nice number of people there despite the sudden onslaught of a monsoon that had started pouring down before the gig started. This time it was Tuukka who carried the torch of one of us always being sick during our gigs. He'd had a nasty fever for the last couple of days and told us after the gig he'd sort of lost the plot during 'Stuck With A Rhyme', almost blanking out. I hadn't noticed a thing though. He's a soldier, you can't put him down. Meanwhile I was busy singing and playing while seriously contemplating saving up some money to buy myself a teleprompter in order to start getting verses and stuff in the right order. I mean as long as most of the songs haven't been officially released I can sort of hide behind the "live experience factor" but this time next year I'm gonna get my ass handed to me by all the people wanting to sing along. I don't know, usually I'm not that prone to early onset of Alzheimer's, but yesterday was another kind of day. Point is though, we had lots of fun and the best sound yet and all the people who came despite the rain made it a thoroughly pleasant evening for us, so thank you for giving this lil' indie band of ours a shot!

The evening was closed by our friends Kaikuluotain who make perfect pop music. How do I know? Well, I could've sworn they only played cover songs until I realized probably the only cover they played was 'In My Time Of Dying' by Zeppelin. So yeah, I'd only heard those songs once before at our last team-up at IPI Kulmakuppila last year. But now hearing them for the second time I felt like I'd known these songs forever. And Karza was exactly the same. So that's how I know they make perfect pop music.

See you at Café Piritta in two weeks or Semifinal in June!

We played:
01. A Song For The Hills
02. The Funny One
03. Stuck With A Rhyme
04. Hurry
05. Skinny Dip
06. Naive
07. Beggar Princess
08. Ugly

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