New website and EP are (almost) here!

Hey everyone!

I've more or less finished building my website. There's still some stuff to come, but most of it is now here.

The blog section is where I'm going to post all the stuff that people might also call 'News'.

The debut EP 'Beggar Princess' is coming August 16th, but all of you who are here before that, just go here, join the mailing list and you get the whole freaking thing for free! It's meant as a thank you to all of you who are here right at the beginning of the adventure. I hope you'll stick around for a long time!

We're (yes, it's not me alone anymore – and I'm so excited! – more on the rest of the gang at a later date...) playing a release gig at the south tip of Töölönlahti in Helsinki at the Night of the Arts, so that's Thursday, August 24th. Actually we're playing 3 gigs in one sitting – one at 8pm, one at 9pm and one at 10pm. I hope you can make it to one of those shows. It's gonna be such a blast! If you're old school like me, that's also the first chance to get your hands on the CD version of the EP, so bring a 5er if you like!

A week later we'll be playing the Rööperifest street festival almost next door to where I'm recording the album, so that's gonna be a lot of fun, seeing all my neighbours and the people I run into while walking the dog. Showtime's 8pm again and the date is August 31st.

But hey, I hope you enjoy this site! And if you've got any questions, ideas etc, don't hesitate to contact me! Apart from the live shows, I'm still 90% doing all this stuff on my lonesome, so all help and hints are appreciated. And if something's taking longer...well, you'll know why!



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