A Sea of Heroes – The Story Begins...

Hey all,

so we're playing tonight at Bulevardin Kahvisalonki (Bulevardi 1, downtown Helsinki, be there!!), but we're also launching our Youtube series 'A Sea of Heroes' on October 4th – and we'll get the whole show on the road in the form of a quiz. The idea is to guess the artist and the song before the video goes online. Whoever's first wins a copy of the 'Beggar Princess' EP. Should you already own a copy, I'll figure out something else...!

The point is to have a little fun in the form of a quiz/treasure hunt. I'll be posting hints all over our social media (except Facebook, 'cause that shit's serious...), but you'll eventually find all the hints on my twitter page as well (that's www.twitter.com/jon_fisherman). You can submit your answers any way you like!

There will be a few hints per day until deadline – so get your music geek on!

The first person to guess the song correctly will be contacted by me.


1. Guess the band/artist.

2. Guess the song.

3. Deadline's October 4th.

4. Have fun while you're at it!


Here's the first hint that I just posted on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jon_fisherman/status/913668119591358464


Have a great weekend and see you tonight!

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