A Sea of Heroes – The Final Chapter

Wow, what a ride it's been!

Compiling the full series video was like the biggest flash from the past imaginable. All those endless hours trying to get camera angles, lighting, set pieces but most importantly the music to work does take me on an emotional ride. And I have to say, I'm still immensely proud of the whole thing and I'd say I still stand behind 95% of all the stuff. The 5% were just stuff I didn't know how to fix or simply didn't have the time to since we're on a schedule here, but I'm guessing most of you won't either mind or notice any of those things. That being said, one reason for doing this aside my love for these artists and their music was just to learn how to make something on this scale and see what I'm able to pull off. And yeah, I do think I've improved my work flow mixing sound and editing video a lot and I'm looking forward to putting it all to further good use down the road!

The cover versions I've done for 'A Sea of Heroes' I still genuinely love as much as I did when I first started posting them. Maybe even more now now that I'm able to close this chapter and look at the whole thing from a bit of a distance. I wanted to add my own spin to all of these songs and I think I succeeded in making covers that are distinguishably mine.

So now you, the people, have already voted for us to continue covering stuff but this time around we'll be doing not our heroes but yours. We've already received some exciting requests from you guys and we're looking forward to posting the first batch of new covers somewhere in the near future.

But today I'm just going to put my feet up, pat my self on the back (a slap in the face will always remain an option though...) and watch the whole thing from start to finish right after I've cleared my hard drive of hours and hours of footage.

Here are the links to all the individual tracks on Youtube:

01. Oasis – Listen Up
02. Midlake – Rulers, Ruling All Things
03. The Beatles – With A Little Help From My Blackbird
04. Beck – Gamma Ray
05. The Decemberists – June Hymn
06. Jon Auer – Six Feet Under
07. Mumford & Sons – Awake My Soul
08. Nickel Creek – Best of Luck
09. Eels – I Like Birds
10. Pohlmann. – Starwars
11. Egotrippi – Mies räjähtää
12. The National – Slow Show
13. Ryan Adams – Political Scientist
14. Elliott Smith – Wouldn't Mama Be Proud?



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