A Sea of Heroes, Part 6: Jon Auer - Six Feet Under

    Some records – and I’m talking about actual albums here – just speak directly to your soul. It’s almost as if you’d written the record yourself regardless of whether you actually play an instrument or not. I knew ’Songs From The Year Of Our Demise’ was one of those records for me from the first note. Literally. I could’ve stopped after that first note of ’Six Feet Under’ and died a happy man. There’s not one song there that shouldn’t be on the record and there’s not one song that doesn’t speak to me on some personal level. 

    Some records become more than just that for some people and this is one of those for me. It’s a state of mind, a place you can visit, a hideaway for you and the people that understand you. I’ve even written a short story for a creative writing class based solely on the songs on this record. So yeah, this one speaks to me. Screams even. And there’s probably a lot of echoes from this record on the upcoming The Fisherman & The Sea album. 

    I did, however, debate a while with myself over which song to cover. There’s ’Four Letter Word’, ’Josephine’, ’Song Noir’ etc etc. But I don’t know. In the end the decision to do ’Six Feet Under’ was an easy one when I came up with the idea of playing the glockenspiel riff as a loop on the melodica. You can’t actually see it in the video, because the opening credits need to go somewhere as well, but the melodica you see played at the beginning goes into a looper and that’s why you don’t see anyone playing it in the video again! 

    I love this song to bits and I’m so happy I managed to find my own take on it and do something a little different with it. I hope you approve of what I did here as well! 

    Have a great weekend you peeps! 



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