A Sea of Heroes, Part 12: Egotrippi – Mies räjähtää

Okay, so first off: This band is up there with The Beatles for me. Not in terms of popularity, but in terms of importance. For me, mind. They're the band that I've followed (almost) since they started out, I've seen them live more often than any other band, I own all of their albums, but most importantly their music still resonates with me a lot. It feels like I've grown up with them, if you will. Sometimes people and music just click because they click on an emotional, maybe even an instinctive level. That's what happened with me and Egotrippi. When I first heard their music over 20 years ago I suddenly knew that I belonged. That there were people making my kind of music – and therefor probably not making a whole lotta moolah, although they finally (and so deservedly!) progressed through the years to the kind of recognition that they've more than earned. Not an easy feat living off music in Finland. Just saying...

There's a hundred songs I could've chosen to cover by them and once again I was unable to decide on which one. That's the problem with every one of their songs being so entirely awesome, folks! So it all happened by chance again; I'd just gotten my daughter a (pink!) ukulele for her birthday and we were messing around with it and my daughter cooed "Such fun!" and so I started to sing a spontaneous improvisation with those lyrics over some chords until I suddenly I was singing this Egotrippi song. I remembered all of the lyrics right on that spot (because they're just so damn funny and true at the same time!) and my daughter loved it and begged me to do it over and over again. I still have to play it every time she sees me with a ukulele. She won't take no for an answer. For this version I added a bit of extra craziness in order to include my imaginary brothers Jack and Joe in this one as well.

It's meant to be a bit of fun and out of all these covers that I've done for this series, this is the one song I still play spontaneously more often than any other. It's just... I don't know – it's got everything I want from a song. Nuff said!

- Jon

P.S. I can't find the song on Youtube, so here's the Spotify link to the original.

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