So great to be back – One down, two to go!

There's something magic about the Night of the Arts in Helsinki. The whole town's abuzz with every conceivable artist putting their craft on show and if the weather plays along like yesterday, there's not a lot of places I'd rather…

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Crossroads – Where do we go next?

Admittedly it's kind of counter-intuitive, but the fact is that while on Friday we made our biggest and most important release with our debut album 'The Hurt & The Humour' fact is that playing live with this full band…

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The Hurt & The Humour – The Songs | Part 2

Part 2 of our trilogy. Tracks 4-7 of 'The Hurt & The Humour'...explained?

Beggar Princess 

Our first release and by all accounts still our most listened to and watched song on all our platforms. I mean, it…

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”Play a happy song, for Christ’s sakes!” 

Pic by Lisa. Note Tuukka's Christmas sweater!

Bringing your own kids to gigs always leads to two things: total anarchy and therefor, most likely, a good time. So mine and Tuukka’s girls (no boys in this exclusive club!) decided…

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I Can't Alone – Song stories

Skinny Dip 
(featuring Tuukka on lead guitar and Karza on melodica) 

I literally wrote this on a bike on my ride between jobs. I’d just written the guitar part so it was playing in my head while I…

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