A Sea of Heroes, Part 9: Eels – I Like Birds 


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

And don't we have just the right thing for you to celebrate this day! Granted, it's a song about being fed up with people so bad that you turn to liking birds (no, not the British girl-meaning kind, although I'm sure that's part of the joke...), but you know, who says your Valentine can't be a parrot?! A Monty Python sketch comes to mind, but alas, let's leave it at that...!

'Daisies of the Galaxy' is one of my favourite albums and Eels is just so poignantly on form on…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 8: Nickel Creek – Best of Luck 

Okay, so with this one I seriously broke a sweat! Only when you've dialed in a cool tempo for the opening riff do you realize how impossibly fast you'll have to deliver the lyrics in the verses! Geeeezzz... But in the end I think I handled myself well enough...phew!

This is actually the song that introduced me to Nickel Creek. I vaguely remember seeing them perform this at a talk show – might've been Conan, I don't know – and being completely blown away by the performance and the song. I'd been dabbling…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 7: Mumford & Sons – Awake My Soul 

Here we are then, back again with more of 'A Sea of Heroes'! And no, we haven't forgotten about the video for 'The Funny One' off of the new EP, but the video shoot's proving a bit harder to schedule than we initially thought, so we're going to continue with a couple of cover songs in the meanwhile. 

We actually premiered this cover song in our live set just last Saturday. Fun fact: Tuukka hadn't even heard the original Mumford & Sons version before we played this version live, so I jokingly forbid him…

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Tales from the Road – A Lovely Winter Evening 

January, 20th, 2018

So, I guess when an evening begins with strangers asking us if there's music tonight when they see us loading into the venue and decide to change their plans in order to see us although they've never seen or heard of us – I guess you can take that as a good sign, can't you? And it was! Yesterday's house was packed! No free seats as far as I could see. Friends and strangers enjoying themselves, an all around warm and welcoming atmosphere. Literally the only way to screw the night up…

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The Second Coming...err...I mean, the Second EP is out today! 

Hey one and all!

It's the birthday of our second EP today and we've christened it 'Stuck With A Rhyme'. You can say "Hi, and welcome to the world!" in these places f.ex.:





Or, you know, just look at the bottom of this page and hit "play".

If you're feeling like you and/or a friend needs a CD and/or a download version of the new EP, just go to our Store or the Music page…

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’Stranger Things’ Inspired New Video For ’Stuck With A Rhyme’ 

    Yeah, so I’m just another one of those people transported to scenes and memories of my early childhood by the brilliantly made ’Stranger Things’ on Netflix. And whereas the new video doesn’t feature monsters or any sort of special effects (but it DOES have blinking lights on a wall...), it got it’s inspiration from that theme of ”the normal life” colliding with ”the upside-down” (i.e. the dark hidden side to our lives). Obviously this theme is essentially the oldest story in the book: Good vs. Evil…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 6: Jon Auer - Six Feet Under 

    Some records – and I’m talking about actual albums here – just speak directly to your soul. It’s almost as if you’d written the record yourself regardless of whether you actually play an instrument or not. I knew ’Songs From The Year Of Our Demise’ was one of those records for me from the first note. Literally. I could’ve stopped after that first note of ’Six Feet Under’ and died a happy man. There’s not one song there that shouldn’t be on the record and there’s not one song that doesn’t speak to me…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 5: The Decemberists – June Hymn 

    This is to me as close as it gets to a perfect song. It maybe comes on a bit unassuming on ’The King Is Dead’, but it’s just not the same record in my eyes without this song. I also know a few Decemberists fan who’ll go ”’The King Is Dead’? Why not do something off ’Picaresque’? Or ’The Crane Wife’?” Well granted, there’s loads and loads of good songs to choose from. But I didn’t just want to go down the most popular sort of road, like picking to cover ’16 Military Wives’ although I love that song as…

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So long, Coffee House mini tour! 

With this second leg of our tour promoting the 'Beggar Princess' EP we wanted to try something that I haven't heard too many bands try over here: playing coffee houses the way bands do in the States regularly. It's such a wonderful way to reach new listeners over a cup of coffee, tea or what have you. So that's why we took it from the streets to select coffee houses in our native Helsinki.

Obviously the coffee house gig culture is nowhere near as evolved here as it is in the States, but I knew that when I…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 4: Beck – Gamma Ray 


   I’ve followed Beck since ’Loser’, some times more closely than other times. But what I find so remarkable about him – as many others do as well – is the journey he’s taken and all the while keeping so prolific. Added to that he’s been a huge inspiration to me in my own album project when it came time for me to decide to either not do it at all or to do it on my own. He was one of the main artists to encourage me to just try and play every instrument myself on the record. So after a bit of getting used…

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