Tales from the Road – "You guys were the most rock'n'roll show ever!" 

Photo by Lisa Tirkkonen.

Spring has hit our shores. The days are longer and the sun warms your face while in the shadows you can still feel the last chills of winter subsiding. So what better way than to celebrate that spring on a Saturday in pretty much a glass cube at one of Helsinki's numerous bay shores; in other words: Café Piritta?! Rhetorical question, of course.

Also, remarkably, this marked our first gig together with no free admittance. So of course you're left wondering if anyone's going to pay…

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A Sea of Heroes – The Final Chapter 

Wow, what a ride it's been!

Compiling the full series video was like the biggest flash from the past imaginable. All those endless hours trying to get camera angles, lighting, set pieces but most importantly the music to work does take me on an emotional ride. And I have to say, I'm still immensely proud of the whole thing and I'd say I still stand behind 95% of all the stuff. The 5% were just stuff I didn't know how to fix or simply didn't have the time to since we're on a schedule here, but I'm…

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Tales From The Road – The best pizza in town 

Wow! So that actually WAS the best pizza in town at Linko. At least the best I've had in this lovely hometown of ours. Karza only ranked it amongst his Top5 though. Said the best he's had was somewhere in Ogeli. So I guess I'll have to call that place up and tell 'em we're coming over to play and expect to be paid in pizza.

No, but on a more serious note, not only was the pizza great at Linko, but also Ari who handled everything from booking to mixing the gig did such a great job with the whole set-up that…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 14: Elliott Smith – Wouldn't Mama Be Proud? 

I can still recall clear as day the first time I heard Elliott Smith. It was 'A Fond Farewell' somewhere on a new music compilation. I was shocked both at not having heard of him before and to learn that he'd already passed away. There are just some artists that speak directly to your soul, and I do mean directly; not sometimes or some songs, but every time you put a record of her/him on it triggers an emotional response you're not able to control. You laugh, you cry, your stomach turns... That's what…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 13: Ryan Adams – Political Scientist 


This video is our second last track from 'A Sea of Heroes', and although we only put out about 3 of these a month, time just seems to be flying by. There's just been such a wonderful flurry of positive reactions from all around the world to these covers. I hope this latest track makes no exception!

If you're a singer-songwriter there's no way around Ryan Adams. You just need to know what he does and you have to be able to name your personal favourite Ryan Adams album – me, I'm torn between 'Gold' and…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 12: Egotrippi – Mies räjähtää 

Okay, so first off: This band is up there with The Beatles for me. Not in terms of popularity, but in terms of importance. For me, mind. They're the band that I've followed (almost) since they started out, I've seen them live more often than any other band, I own all of their albums, but most importantly their music still resonates with me a lot. It feels like I've grown up with them, if you will. Sometimes people and music just click because they click on an emotional, maybe even an instinctive level…

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Tales from the Road: SW Agency Showcase Night @ Pub Pete 

Back at it and this time without the boys.

So my first gig with the SW Agency was at Pub Pete – a venue you can and want to get absolutely hammered at – and it was without the boys this time. Just lil' ole me doing it solo style like in the spring of last year when I road tested a couple of songs at Samettiklubi. I'd decided to road test a couple of new songs this time as well, one's that I haven't even had time to introduce to the guys yet, so that was one thing I was looking forward to. But what I was…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 11: The National – Slow Show 

Only four more songs to go in our 'Sea of Heroes'! This is one of my favourite arrangements for this series.

This is also a very important song to me personally for a number of reasons. I didn't discover The National by myself, I was introduced to them more or less at gunpoint. And I have to say it did take me a while to "get" them. At first I just heard so much bottled up misery channelled into songs that meandered and meandered and never seemed to find a chorus with a singer who seemed to care more…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 10: Pohlmann. – StarWars 

Hello everyone, or today rather Hallo zusammen,

yeah, it's a special one today. As some of you know or have read in our bio, I am a child of two harbour cities separated by a sea, and yeah that's in part where the name of the band comes from. Those cities are Helsinki, Finland and Hamburg, Germany and while I live in Helsinki I feel like part of me will forever live in Hamburg where my father is from. That's just what it's like when you're born into a multicultural family. You're never really at home…

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A Sea of Heroes, Part 9: Eels – I Like Birds 


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

And don't we have just the right thing for you to celebrate this day! Granted, it's a song about being fed up with people so bad that you turn to liking birds (no, not the British girl-meaning kind, although I'm sure that's part of the joke...), but you know, who says your Valentine can't be a parrot?! A Monty Python sketch comes to mind, but alas, let's leave it at that...!

'Daisies of the Galaxy' is one of my favourite albums and Eels is just so poignantly on form on…

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